When you just try to follow current trends, you end up risking making your special day just another day. Sometimes couples have more classic tastes and try to create a unique, vintage wedding, yet still cannot make it stand out.

So what are some easy ways to implement your own ideas and make your wedding day unforgettable?

The groom’s style

Many brides think that their grooms do not enough effort into making the wedding unique. Encouraging the groom to share his own style and preferences will help his personality shine through. For example, having his own distinct style in his outfit choices will help him stand out, e.g. with distinctive cufflinks or bow ties.

Greeting guests

Guests get their first glimpse of the reception decor when they enter the venue. So make sujre you give them a welcome that has impact and stylr and customise your way of greeting them. A personalised welcome sign, for example could go down really well with guests.

Photo booth or backdrop

Since you have already tried your best to choose the best venue for your photos, why not put even more effort in to add some attractive backdrops or a photo booth with amusing props, so that the guests can take some unusual, fun picturesof their own.

Framed personal photos

Your wedding guests will be some of the most precious people in your life. Return the love and care they ahve shown you by displaying framed photos of them all on your cake table. They will feel great when they spot themselves in the pictures.

Table names and numbers

You should have plenty of ideas for table numbers and naming. Guests like to find out where they are sitting early on in proceedings and will really like it if you name the tables after, for example, songs, places or anything else you love, rather than just having numbers.

The couple’s parents                           

Share yor wedding ideas with your parents, so they know how they should dress up to match your themes and to demonstrate the key role they have played in your lives. For example, the mother of the bride’s dress should not be too similar to the bride or bridesmaid, but it should be easy to wear, distinctive and soft, in order to make her look elegant and young .

Wedding favours

You can add your own flair to the favours and bombonnieres. Make them personal by creating your own favours, or come up with lots of different ones to suit different guests’ tastes.


You can add your personal touch to the food and drink too, by labeling dishes with unique names, or having a dessert buffet with all your favorites included.

Music and songs

Songs influence people’s moods and will set the scene for the ceremony and reception. Give your DJ a list of songs that you know will suit your guests’ tastes. Or ask guests which songs they would like to listen to in advance.

There are lots more ways to make your wedding memorable. Concentrate on each part of your wedding in turn to try and make it unique, stylish and truly unforgettable.